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What is a Parish Council?

The Parish Council is a type of local authority that exercises local administrative functions. Its members are elected every four years. The next election will take place in May 2019.

The Parish Council holds monthly meetings and all Parish Council meetings are open to the public. Any enquiries to the Parish Council should be directed to the Clerk who is an employee of the council and deals with day to day functions.

  • Chairman Cllr Mark Tattum
  • Vice Chair Cllr Judy Lea
  • Clerk Judith Parry-Evans
  • Cllr Richard Lloyd
  • Cllr Will Heard
  • Cllr Helen Dean
  • Cllr Marie-Louise Marsden
  • Cllr Sheila Cooper
  • Cllr Lionel King
  • Cllr Christina O’Sullivan
  • Cllr Kay Howles

Committees, Working Parties & Outside Body Representatives

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