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Neighbourhood Development Plan

Balsall Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan receives a ‘yes’ vote at referendum

The Balsall Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan Referendum was held on Thursday 6 May 2021. Residents eligible to vote were asked “‘Do you want Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Balsall Parish to help it decide planning applications in the Neighbourhood Area?’

The referendum result showed clear support for the Neighbourhood Plan with a total of 1,796 votes cast in favour (87%), and 269 votes against. A copy of the Declaration of Result of Poll is available Link to the Balsall Parish NDP on SMBC website.

Solihull MBC will be taking a report to Full Cabinet on 17 June so that the Plan can be formally ‘made’. However, now that there has been a vote in favour at the referendum, the Plan takes full effect and the policies in it will be considered in relevant Development Management reports and decisions.

The Plan is published by SMBC and the Planning Authority’s Development Management service will be able to give significant weight to the policies in the NDP when considering planning applications in the parish, in accordance with the recent update to the National Planning Policy Guidance.