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Submission Version

Plan submitted for Regulation 16 consultation


Balsall Parish Council formally submitted the Balsall Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan, Submission Version, to Solihull Council on 15th April 2019 following a resolution of full Council on the 20th March 2019.

Solihull Council confirmed on 18th April 2019 that the plan meets the technical compliance check requirements and will now proceed to 6 weeks public  consultation.  The dates will be advertised as soon as they are confirmed.  Following the consultation period, the plan will proceed to independent Examination.

Solihull Council will undertake Regulation 16 consultation with representations to be submitted to them by email.  A link to their website will be provided here. During this consultation period Solihull Council will also provide opportunities to view the plan.

Consultation responses to Regulation 14 (Draft Plan)

60 representations on the draft plan were made containing comments in over 320 areas.  As a result modifications have been made to the draft plan on which the parish council has consulted with Solihull Council and the council’s planning consultant at Avon Planning Services.

The resulting submission version and supporting documents were considered by the Neighbourhood Development Planning Committee on 6th March 2019, recommending parish council support.  Balsall Parish Council at its meeting of 20th March 2019 resolved to submit the plan to SMBC.

Submission documents and Evidence

The Balsall Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan will be accompanied by the following documents:

Basic Conditions Statement April 2019

Consultation Statement March 2019

SEA and HRA Screening Report

Responses from the Environment Agency,Historic England and Natural England

The evidence base used by Balsall Parish Council to support the submission version can be viewed below:

Neighbourhood Development Plan Committee

A Neighbourhood Development Plan Committee was created 14 December 2016 for project management and decision making purposes and lead the preparation of and ensure successful submission of the Neighbourhood Development Plan on behalf of Balsall Parish Council.

The Committee met quarterly in public and the agendas and minutes can be seen on the Archive page of the website.

The delegated responsibilities of the NDP Committee, consisting of Councillors Helen Dean (Chair), Christina O’Sullivan, Mark Tattum and Will Heard, are now complete as it presented the Submission version of the plan and supporting documents to full Parish Council on Wednesday 20th March 2019.  The Parish Council resolved at that meeting to accept the Submission version of the Balslall Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan and to formally submit the document to Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council.

Solihull Council on the 18 July 2017 approved the designation of Balsall Parish as a Neighbourhood Area for the creation of a Neighbourhood Development Plan, a necessary step in the formal process.

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