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Village Centre Working Group

Balsall Parish Council and Berkswell Parish Council have set up a joint working group to inform both councils of the improvement needs  of Balsall Common village centre.  The group will initially look at infrastructure issues arising from the proposed significant extension of Balsall Common proposed within the draft Solihull Local Plan.

Members of the group are Councillors Andrew Burrow (Balsall) – Chairman, Elizabeth Macdonald (Balsall), Marion Keeley (Balsall), Richard Drake (Berkwell) – Secretary, Kay Howles (Berkswell); Alison Cambage, David Bell, Lorraine Horlor (BCVRA), Terry Hughes (BCVRA) and Tony Dicicco.

The third meeting of the group will be:

Monday 6th January 2020,

10 – 11.30am Bercul Room (upstairs) , St John Baptist Church, Berkswell

Members of the public are welcome to attend.

Agenda for meeting 6 January 2020

Notes of meeting 25 November 2019

Notes of meeting 9 December 2019