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Balsall Common Centre working group

Balsall Parish Council set up a working group to consider ways and means to solve the obvious traffic management problems that have bedevilled the centre for many years.  This working group is now a sub group of The Neighbourhood Development Project so will now be able to make a meaningful contribution to the Balsall Parish NDP.

It is anticipated that the results of the NDP Questionnaire will give a solid base for this work since many residents have already expressed the view that two-way traffic flow, combined with double-parked delivery lorries and motorists backing into passing traffic from both sides of the road is not a happy combination.  The working group has already come to certain conclusions about how traffic might be managed better in the centre.  These range from the provision of an extra ten or more parking places in the library carpark to a wholesale re-design of the village centre by separating traffic flow and providing a “shared space” environment.

The working group will be putting their ideas to the test via extensive consultation with road users, pedestrians and local businesses in the shopping parade and expects to produce a comprehensive report for use by the NDP steering group in due course.