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Willow Park is an attractive area of parkland situated on Needlers End Lane with a children’s play area and plenty of space for picnics, games, walking and rambling.  It has many mature trees and is well worth a visit.

The Council is currently mounting a major programme of work in the park to attract more visitors.  Local residents have given us a great deal of help with working on plans for the future, which are already starting to come to fruition.  Residents helped with clearing some of the overgrown areas of the park and planted over 1000 daffodil bulbs and 500 bluebell bulbs this autumn, so spring 2018 should be a real picture.  Solihull Council provided the bulbs and a lot of the heavy ground clearance work was done by the Warwickshire Conservation Volunteers.  We are particularly grateful for their contribution.

Residents have now formed a group called Friends of Willow Park specifically to act as a focus for people using the park and to access grants for park improvements, they have a Facebook page, which is well worth a look.

Apart from the installation of some new equipment in the park we are also hoping to develop a “forest school” atmosphere in the wilder parts of the park to enable more structured activity for school children and people interested in wild life so keep an eye on this for the future.

Willow Park is there for your recreation and enjoyment so why not come and have a look?  Should you be interested in taking a more active role in helping with the park then contact the Parish Clerk for more information on the number below:

Tel: 01676 535 679

Friends of Willow Park Facebook Page